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Stones that tell stories: this is how our restoration in Peñalba progresses

It's only been two months since the last update so it's hard for us to believe that in such a short time we have so much progress to show you. This week we finished the roof, one of the most unique elements of the house, and we couldn't be happier with the result. A manual work, working each louxa in the most artisanal way possible.

We can also see all the progress inside, with each room defined and that important stonework work to recover the original masonry and bring out its best side. We also see the structure of the beams, the traditional corridor and those views of the Silent Valley that are a spectacle.

Here we have Martín, from the San Clemente Coverings team, who has been in charge of achieving such a special result by working the slate manually. A true artist.

We also see the details of the windows, with many points of natural light and a double height to create bright interiors. Each stone tells a story that is intertwined with the fabric of Peñalba's history.

The Construcciones Pedro Marcos team, behind this laborious restoration, has demonstrated a great commitment to authenticity and respect for the history of the place. Every detail has been carefully cared for, from the choice of materials to the meticulous restoration of original architectural elements.

We are in one of the most exciting phases to date. Little by little it seems that the spirit of the house grows stronger, as if it is eager to once again house the life it once had.

Lucas Docampo


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