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Casa Egeria, Casa Rafaela

"Egeria, also called Eteria, Ætheria or Etheria, was a Hispanic-Roman traveler and writer of the fourth century, author of a famous travel book, the Itinerarium Egeriae (Itinerary of Egeria). Although her biographical data are few, it is estimated that she was possibly a native of the interior of the Roman province of Gallaecia. The clue that links Egeria's origin with El Bierzo is that she wrote to her sisters, who lived in this region and place from where she would start her great journey".

Casa Egeria will be the little sister of Casa Rafaela, next to her and under the same roof, but facing the valley from its corridor and intimate terrace. The views and the only sound of the stream and the birds in spring, are a gift for the senses.

It is hard to believe, but we are very close to finishing our rehabilitation in Peñalba. Each week we have been able to witness progress that, added together, make up the final picture that we are still assimilating:

In the interior we have chosen a whitewashing next to the double height that reminds us of the previous state, brings brightness and a feeling of greater amplitude, taking advantage of every ray of natural light. We have also chosen a solid brick floor that in contrast to the plaster and wood make up a cozy mix of colors and textures. This begins to be appreciated in all its splendor in the living room of Casa Egeria.

In the next weeks we will shape the kitchens, finish the floors, the interior carpentry and of course we will have to furnish, decorate and a lot of other details, little by little!

Álvaro Docampo


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