Located in the spiritual heart of the region of El Bierzo, Peñalba de Santiago is a village of traditional architecture preserved as few. The houses are arranged around the Mozarabic church of the X Century, offering a stamp that leaves a mark on the traveler.
Peñalba de Santiago is a place full of historical significance, art and rural tradition in the center of the so-called Tebaida Berciana, a group of monasteries and hermitages of anchorite monks, such as San Genadio, who left the episcopal seat of Astorga for spiritual retreat in a cave in this beautiful and secluded place.
The village is located at 1050 meters altitude, at the foot of the Aquilian Mountains and its majestic valleys of Friguera and Silencio, from where the water was carried, through canals, to the gold deposit exploited by the Romans in Las Médulas, today declared a World Heritage Site and essential visit in El Bierzo region.
The views from Peñalba de Santiago invite you to discover and to hike through the Valley of Silence and the Cave of San Genadio in a pleasant circular route of an hour, crossing the center of its lush forests.
The circular route of the Tebaida Berciana offers beautiful landscapes and allows you to know the Roman canals and the Monastery of San Pedro de Montes, until you reach the neighboring village of Montes de Valdueza.
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Peñalba de Santiago

Valley of Silence

Mozarabic church (S. X)

Spring time in Peñalba de Santiago - Casa Elba, 2019

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