Rural charm in Peñalba de Santiago

Fogar Mozárabe is an experience of rest and reconnection in a unique medieval environment.
The complex is made up of two traditional Berciano-style houses located in the heart of Peñalba de Santiago.
Its exterior essence is the traditional wooden corridors and a landscaped space submerged in the forests of the Silent Valley.
Casa Elba
Winter in our valleys
The full experience accommodates up to a total of 15 guests in two spacious houses steeped in history.

Thanks to its unique structure, it is an environment with spaces for intimacy, coexistence and connection with nature.
Everything here is designed to create unique moments, where Silence is written with its own name.
The luxury of details
Land of hermits
Rental of e-Bikes at the door of the house
Wood and stone
Since 1992
Monastery of San Pedro de Montes


The project that gave rise to Fogar Mozárabe began in 1989, when our parents decided to buy and restore the old parish priest's house in a Peñalba de Santiago that has changed so much since then. In those years the entire town was unpaved and hardly any tourists came. However, company was never lacking and there were many neighbors who filled every corner with life. The beauty of the environment, its people and its rich history were love at first sight.

In 1992 Elba was born and gave her name to the first house. Our parents then pioneered the new world of rural tourism. Casa Elba has since welcomed travelers of all kinds and origins, all under the common denominator of seeking in Peñalba de Santiago the rest and disconnection that a place as special as the Valley of Silence offers.

Our project took a new great leap when in 2020 we decided to bet on creating a set, a true Fogar Mozárabe which was joined by the restoration of one of the most iconic houses in Peñalba de Santiago. Since then, the brothers Álvaro and Lucas have been in charge of keeping the passion for rural tourism alive in this town that saw us grow and whom we love so much.

Álvaro and Lucas Docampo

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