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Your home in Peñalba de Santiago

Fogar Mozárabe is a rural complex of nature and well-being in a unique medieval setting.  


Our houses of traditional architecture are located in Peñalba de Santiago, in the region of El Bierzo. From its wooden balconies you will immerse yourself in the forests of the Silent Valley.


Couples, families, or groups of friends, the perfect rural getaway awaits you for an unforgettable trip. Every detail is designed to transport you back in time and create unique moments. Here, Silence has its own name.

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About us

The story behind Fogar Mozárabe begins in 1989. Back then, there were very few tourists who dared to discover Peñalba de Santiago and its hidden dirt streets. For our parents, the beauty of this environment, its people, and its rich history were love at first sight.

In 1992 our sister was born and she became the namesake of the first house. Since then, Casa Elba has welcomed countless travelers and nature enthusiasts. In Peñalba, everyone discovers the magical tranquility and rejuvenation that the Silent Valley offers.

Today, we continue to work enthusiastically to expand this rural complex. Soon, Casa Elba will be joined by Casa Rafaela and Casa Egeria.

Behind this project are Álvaro and Lucas. In the photo above, you can see us with Elba inside some fruit boxes.

With Fogar Mozárabe we aim to spread our passion for the nature, traditions and history of Peñalba, a village where we grew up and have a profound love for.
"Time passes, life changes, but the essence remains".
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