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From Casa Elba we propose the following cultural and landscape tour for our region, to be able to enjoy starting from Peñalba de Santiago of the essential places in a first visit.


If there is a terrain that overwhelms, a place that impresses, is the land of Las Médulas, a natural heritage that among centuries-old chestnut trees shows the largest exploitation of gold of antiquity, a display of Roman engineering.
Las Médulas is the result of centuries of aquifer exploitation and thousands of tons of gold extracted from the heart of the earth. It is a cultural treasure, as well as a landscape of unique beauty.
From the town of Las Médulas, a circular route begins that takes us into the farm along chestnut trails, being able to explore iconic caves and galleries such as La Cuevona or La Encantada.
From Orellán you will discover incredible panoramic views, together with the Orellán gallery, the largest and most representative.

The spectacular gallery of Orellán

Snow in Las Médulas, an unique picture


In the center of the old town of Ponferrada is worth visiting the majestic Templar Castle, erected and guarded by the Order of the Temple, the most powerful military crusade of the Middle Ages.
The walls of the castle of Ponferrada have been the historical scene of numerous wars, from the time of Alfonso XI, through the Irmandiña Revolt to the War of Independence.

Main gates of the Castle

Recreating the battle of Irmandiños


The Compludo Smithy, a national monument and excellently preserved, is hidden deep in the Compludo valleys, at the junction of two streams.
In this unique medieval corner, a grandson and son of blacksmiths immerses us in a curious journey through time.

The origin of the smithy is from the 7th century

Manuel is the son and grandson of blacksmiths


The beautiful Cornatel castle is located just 5 kilometers from the Médulas, making it a great complement to the visit of the Roman mines.
The castle sits on a rocky promontory cut by a ravine with more than 200 meters of altitude, so the views from inside are pure vertigo.

Cornatel Castle, originally called Ulver Castle

Over an ocean of clouds


The stately Villafranca del Bierzo is one of the most charming towns in the Camino de Santiago. Decadent and asleep, the current city is shown to the visitor as a shadow of what it came to mean during the Middle Ages.
We recommend you to start crossing Calle del Agua, chosen by the nobles since the Middle Ages to install their palaces, and finish the walk in the mall or the Plaza Mayor, the nucleus of city life. 

Convent of San Nicolás el Real (S.XVII)

The collegiate church of Santa María del Cluniaco


La Fábrica de Luz is a cultural space where coal is the main actor throughout its journey.
It is located in the old thermal power station of the Miner Siderúrgica de Ponferrada, from where an exciting journey begins on electricity from coal and the society of the mining basins of the early 20th century: what their lives were like, how they worked and how they The use of black gold was the engine of change in this territory and its inhabitants.

The restoration has retained the original appearance

Discovering a part of our most recent history

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