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Discovering the region of El Bierzo

From Fogar Mozárabe we propose the following cultural and landscape tour through our region. A route to enjoy starting from Peñalba de Santiago with essential places on your visit.

The first stop is a place that amazes and impresses: the land of Las Médulas. What are these reddish mountains?


Las Médulas are the largest gold mine from antiquity, an open pit mine and a display of Roman engineering. 

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A picturesque route begins in the town of Las Médulas, offering the opportunity to explore iconic galleries and caves. From Orellán, you'll encounter an incredible panoramic view alongside the main gallery, where you can also venture inside to explore.


Pilgrims, black gold and templars

We continue our journey in the old city of Ponferrada, where the majestic Templar Castle awaits. This fortress was constructed by the Order of the Temple, one of the most formidable military crusades of the Middle Ages. Its walls have borne witness to numerous historical conflicts, spanning from the era of Alfonso XI to the War of Independence.

Just outside the city, we recommend exploring the Light Factory, a former thermal power plant transformed into a cultural space where coal takes center stage throughout the journey. The visit offers an exciting glimpse into the origins of electricity and the lives of those who worked and lived for this advancement.


We continue our journey by entering an almost hidden gem: the Compludo Blacksmith. This visit is a delightful surprise, as you discover a beautifully preserved national monument.

Tucked away deep in the valleys of Compludo, at the confluence of two streams, this medieval corner introduces us to a grandson and son of blacksmiths.


He takes us on a fascinating journey through time, demonstrating his blacksmithing skills, still wielding a hammer powered solely by the force of water.


Your visit to El Bierzo wouldn't be complete without savoring one of our exquisite wines, particularly the Godello and Mencía varieties. We extend an invitation to explore the Palacio de Canedo, a place where tradition and local products are lovingly crafted with genuine passion.


We have many more places to recommend, including Cornatel Castle, situated in close proximity to Las Médulas. Perched atop a massive rock, it offers breathtaking panoramic views.

To conclude, it's a delightful experience to stroll through Villafranca del Bierzo and Molinaseca, two of the most enchanting and historically rich towns in El Bierzo, where the Camino de Santiago can be felt at every turn. 


And if you're still yearning for mountain adventures, why not embark on an excursion to the Ancares to explore its unique pallozas?

El Bierzo is truly a world unto itself!

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