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Sketches and tape measure

What is this Fogar Mozarabic? Have we changed the name to Casa Elba?

How complicated it is to describe in a few words this great dream.

Explaining it in the simplest way, Fogar Mozarabic is the concept we have chosen to define a future rural complex, which of course will include our beloved Casa Elba.

Just in front of it, we are giving life to other rural houses to create a whole.

Fogar, because it will be a home of rest and unique meeting. A place to share meeting spaces, moments of relaxation and enjoyment with your loved ones. A perfect romantic home for couples, but also to come as a family or group to soak up Peñalba: its nature, history, mountains and legends.

Mozárabe, because it has it written in its origins. When the first anchorite monks came to these valleys they came looking for a place for silence and reconnection with nature. Life has changed a lot since then, but our philosophy remains the same.

We have ahead of us the exciting goal of restoring a group of wonderful houses in Peñalba. All of them are part of the same exterior structure, located just in front of Casa Elba, which has always fascinated us.

We revealed the name of one of them in our previous blog: Casa Rafaela.

What stage are we at now? Well, we are headlong into the architectural design. So to speak, we are in the laboratory of ideas, thinking about the rooms, drawing every detail and every centimeter, to restore this little piece of our town.

We are passionate about the idea of creating spaces with soul and where the experience connects directly with the simplest pleasures. A huge wooden corridor overlooking the Valle del Silencio, the black slate roof, its traditional oven and its unique structure full of authentic details. The harmony and fusion with the environment is pure magic. Peñalba makes it easy.

Although we would love to, for the moment we cannot tell you more.

The secret of patience is to do something in the meantime.

Lucas Docampo

Images and sketches: Martín Álvarez


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