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First month of adventure

And the long-awaited day arrived. A Monday last September marked the beginning of an exciting journey, the rebirth of this beautiful house with hundreds of years of history:

The accumulated impatience vanished in an instant when the hammers and shovels began to tear down walls and ceilings, giving way to a new stage in this corner of our beloved Peñalba de Santiago.

In a matter of days, what seemed like a seemingly impossible challenge has become a reality. The old wood, the worn slates and the crumbling walls have been removed, beginning the comprehensive rehabilitation that we had been waiting for.

But this process is far from easy. After the first month we can say that we are in the least visually attractive phase. And the very heavy autumn rain has even ended up knocking down a part of the wall. Furthermore, the house, without a roof or interior walls, seems like an empty shell in which it is difficult to visualize anything.

Despite everything, we do not get discouraged, we know that it is a stage we must go through and with patience and dedication everything will turn out well. We see the Construcciones Pedro Marcos team advancing day by day with a lot of admiration. Let's keep going.

Almost everything incredible in life takes longer than expected. Get started and don't worry about the clock - James Clear

Álvaro Docampo


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