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A new home

Who would have thought that 2021 would bring us such exciting news to start the year: we have a new member of the family!

Fogar Mozárabe has just been joined by the house in front of Casa Elba, which adorns the views from the corridor immersed in the forest next to a beautiful walnut tree.

This old house, with a little more than 200 square meters, belonged to Julio and Rafaela, an endearing couple that we remember with great affection. It was their abode in a mystical Peñalba de Santiago to which many fewer travelers came than now.

Therefore, although it is a new beginning, this story goes back a long time. For us it is one of the most iconic houses of our village, beautiful as it is and to which we have to give the restoration it deserves. Months of changes, paperwork and hard work are coming, but for the moment today is a day to celebrate.

As it could not be otherwise, in memory of its owners, it will bear their name:


Rafaela is a real jewel, authentic and raw. Its curious slate roof, the traditional oven visible from the outside, its long wooden corridor immersed in the forest, a small intimate garden space below it... and endless possibilities to find that rest and connection with nature.

We are aware that its restoration is an adventure that will take a long time, so we want to make you part of it from the first day. These are the first images of a future rural house that will allow us, along with the neighboring Casa Elba, to accommodate large groups, large families, events of all kinds and who knows what new ideas in the future.

Álvaro and Lucas Docampo


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