our favourites in El Bierzo 

Time to get off the map and discover some of our favorite secret corners, off the beaten track.

The valleys of Compludo

The route through the towns that make up the Compludo Valley is a unique journey. Without leaving the domains of the Tebaida Berciana, discover Carracedo de Compludo, Espinoso de Compludo, Palaces of Compludo and Compludo, each with its own rural tradition, personality and life.
From Carracedo de Compludo there is a short hiking route to the Gualtón waterfall, the highest in Bierzo.

Balboa: in the heart of the Ancares Leoneses

Balboa is located in a postcard environment, next to the ruins of its castle (S. XV) at the top of the hill, a beautiful river that comes alive during the summer, a Romanesque church and several pallozas, original buildings Celtic, restored with charm. We recommend you visit the largest of them, the "La Palloza" restaurant.
In Balboa craft beer made with chestnut flour is produced, a delicious rarity!

Primout: a hippie paradise in El Bierzo

Hidden among the valleys of the river of the same name, Primout is a lost paradise that was abandoned like so many other Bercian towns in the 1970s. A short time later, during the 1990s, a hippie commune struggled to bring him back to life. Today it is a secret pilgrimage place for hikers and nature lovers, with calm and always enigmatic beauty.

Colinas del Campo de Martín Moro Toledano

The village with the longest name in Spain has a lot to offer, especially if you have the time and energy to face the route to Campo de Santiago, one of the most spectacular hikes in Bierzo.

Molinaseca: a break in the Camino

From among all the places of the Bierzo to feel the Camino de Santiago this is our favorite. Molinaseca is crossed by the French Way, the most popular Xacobea route, and therefore it is always full of life.
This last stop on the way before reaching Ponferrada invites you to stop by the river and next to its medieval bridge, where there are plenty of options to eat or spend a summer afternoon.

Route of Romanesque and cherry trees in Corullón

Next to the stately Villafranca del Bierzo, we find Corullón, a much less known municipality but full of life. Corullón is synonymous with cherries, wine and honeys of the highest quality. If you are lucky enough to visit it in the spring, you will find its thousands of cherry blossoms, in a spectacular route through which you can get to know its two Romanesque churches.
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