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Fogar Mozárabe, day 1

Incredible as it may sound, it has been two years since we started to shape this project. Two years of paperwork, discreet work and a lot of patience to get here: about to start a new rehabilitation in Fogar Mozarabic. It is an exciting moment in which we are also slightly nostalgic when we see everything that is about to change.

Here you can see the current state of that fairytale house we grew up with as children, Julio and Rafaela's house. We look at it for the last time, knowing that soon it will have a new life.

And although everything changes, we want it to keep its essence as much as possible. It is a challenge and a responsibility, in a place as special as Peñalba de Santiago, and with a house like this; beautiful and striking in its original state.

Together with our architect and friend Martín Álvarez, we went up to enjoy the last time before starting the works. There are a thousand details to pay attention to in a rehabilitation like this, a comprehensive reform where the house literally seems to have life and tell a century-old story.

And as it is time for the last preparations, we could not pass without a last meeting with the great team of the construction company with whom we will work side by side in the coming months. Here we all are, together with Pedro from Construcciones Pedro Marcos.

Fortunately, we know we are in the best hands.

Lucas and Álvaro Docampo


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