restaurants in Peñalba and surroundings 

You will not know El Bierzo well if you do not immerse yourself in our gastronomy before, full of unique flavors, tradition and essence. As a local council, here is a small list of places in Peñalba and surroundings to enjoy to the fullest.

the cantina of PEÑALBA

Inaugurated in 1985, La Cantina is the central axis of Peñalba for both its neighbors and travelers. Its owners take care of this traditional corner in which to enjoy the most typical dishes of Bierzo. It is a great option for a homemade meal after a day of hiking, as well as resting on your terrace overlooking the Valley of Silence.
  • Located in front of mozarabic church
  • Reservations: 987 69 53 70


Aromas del Oza is located at the beginning of one of the most emblematic streets of Peñalba, with fantastic views of the wooden corridors and the slate roofs. It offers a combination of the best Bercian products and modern cuisine.
  • Located at the entrance of Peñalba
  • Reservations: 987 62 02 38


  in Montes de Valdueza

Sara's Cantina is a cozy and intimate corner, where you can exchange experiences and get to know the town of Montes and its monastery. The menu is typical of a traditional Bercian canteen, in which the most common dish consists of free-range eggs, potatoes from the garden, chorizo, pork and roasted peppers.
  • Located in Montes de Valdueza
  • Reservations: 987 69 51 94
Register: CR-LE-78
+34 669 105 046
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